So, our dear friends. This blog is getting to the end of its life. But it has been a nice experience!

At the beginning of this assignment that was given to us, we took it like another work we had to do: we had deadlines to publish our posts and it was more of an obligation instead of pleasure. As time went by, we started enjoying it, discussing between the three of us ideas for the posts, helping each other, and in the end it took us little time to research information and come up with nice posts.

We’ve got a thorn twisedt in our side because we never got to go to Mutriku, to visit the power plant, as we promised our readers in the beginning. We are three in the group, and it wasn’t easy to coordinate, due to the big work load we have this semester.

As we are future engineers, and have an entrepreneurial mind, we have read about many projects, some theoretical, and some already patented and working. This serves us as motivation for the future. The three of us are studying what in  Spain is known as industrial engineering, and is a very general career. Therefore, we are all the time seeking for areas of the engineering world that thrive our interest, and energy generation from clean sources such as the sea, has certainly generated within us a huge interest. Bear in mind that we see the sea every day on our way to university and nearly every day of our life, and we’ve noticed the great potential that the sea has to generate energy.

To finish, we would like to thank our readers, that we hope have learnt as much as we have about different ways of obtaining energy from the sea.


Acerca de juncal903087

Estudiante de TECNUN desde hace dos años, Escuela Superior de Ingenieros de la Universidad de Navarra en San Sebastián.
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Una respuesta a Farewell

  1. tgacebo dijo:

    Hope you continue blogging in this blog or another one.
    See tou!


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